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Work Won't Love You Back with Sarah Jaffe

August 23, 2021 Season 2 Episode 22
Manchester Green New Deal podcast
Work Won't Love You Back with Sarah Jaffe
Show Notes

This week we’re diving to the very core of the capitalist economy and well most economics- Work. Your 9-5, that zero hours contract your bread making, back breaking labour. We spend alot of time wondering what work we can do to save the planet but do we need work in the traditional sense at all?  And does our emotional response to work make it harder to demand better conditions?

This week on the show  we are joined by Labour Journalist and author of the fantastic book “ Work wont love you back” Sarah Jaffe. We discuss what Labour Journalism is,  why  "work" is defined by some labour and not others and is the Green New Deal just trying to revive the Fordist bargain for white men?

Mariame Kaba

US Representative Cori Bush on the eviction moratorium and the shame and power of poverty

farewell to the factory by Ruth Milkman

Shout outs
Amelia Horgan- Lost in work

Phil Jones- work without the worker

Rubicund- radical book shop in Falmouth 

George Julian - who is a campaigner for open justice and tweets from inquests. She is currently tweeting from @PeterInquest (inquest for Peter Seaby)


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