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Burnt: Fighting for Climate justice with Chris Saltmarsh

October 11, 2021 Season 2 Episode 27
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Burnt: Fighting for Climate justice with Chris Saltmarsh
Show Notes

It's been a big news week in Manchester, so to kick off the show the whole gang discuss our new incoming council Leader councillor Bev Craig. Will this be a glorious green future for Manchester, or business as usual with a Sir Richard Leese 2.0 at the helm?

In the second half of the show, Ads is joined by podcast veteran Chris Saltmarsh (@Chris_Saltmarsh), co-founder of Labour for a Green New Deal, to discuss his new book Burnt, Fighting for Climate Justice. Ads is also joined by local legend Sean Benstead. We discuss what went down with the GND motion at Labour conference this year, the strength of the climate movement in the Labour party, the power of the state in affecting capitalism and climate, and why trade unions should be at the heart of the  fight to save the planet.


Chris's book: Burnt Fighting for Climate Justice

China Mieville: October

Shout Outs
Fire brigades Union 

Labour GND delegates 
Aden Harris

Diarmaird Kelliher

Mick Ekers

Happy Birthday to Andrews dad who turned 60 last week!

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